Chamber Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

various sonatas for violin and piano

Ludwig van Beethoven

Two Romances, various sonatas (violin and piano)

Franz Schubert

Trout Quintet

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Piano trio No. 1 D minor

Robert Schumann

Pieces in the folk tone (cello and piano)

Johannes Brahms

Sonatas for violin and piano 1-3
Sonatas for cello and piano 1-2

Henryk Wieniawsky

Romance for violin and piano B-flat major

Peter Tschaikowsky

Meditation (violin and piano)

Cesar Franck

Sonata A major for violin and piano

Claude Debussy

»Ariettes oubliées« and »Beau soir« (arranged for violin and piano)
Sonata g minor for violin and piano

Gabriel Fauré

Piano quartet No. 1 C minor

Sergej Rachmaninoff

Two Salon pieces for violin and piano
Sonata for cello and piano

Sergej Prokofiev

Sonata for violina and piano No. 2 D major

Franz Schreker

Der Wind (for violin, cello, clarinet, french horn and piano)

Alban Berg

Seven early songs (arranged for violin and piano)

Anton Webern

Four Pieces for violin and piano op. 7

Hannes Pohlit

Ariette sans paroles
Sonatina for violin and piano
Les Lumières de la Nuit (for piano trio)