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- Orchestra
    Il Vento                                                                                                   2014
    La Chapelle de François Liszt                                                                 2010
    Nachtstueck                                                                                            2008

- Chamber orchestra / large ensemble 
    Contemplations (for solo cello and chamber orchestra)                          2011
    Chamber Symphony (for 11 solo-instruments)                                        2009
    Franz Liszt/Hannes Pohlit: Via Crucis                                                   2011
    Hugo Wolf/Hannes Pohlit: Three Sacred Songs                                     2011

- Chamber Music
    Sextet for strings                                                                                     2010
    Les Lumières de la Nuit (for piano trio)                                                  2014
    Nel Fiume eterno (for basset clarinet and string quartet)                        2016
    A-d-a (for two violins and cello)                                                             2013
    Three Concert Pieces for violin and piano                                              2018          
    Sonatina for violin and piano                                                                  2017

- Solo Concerto
    Humanité (Sacred Concerto for violin and organ)                                  2017

- Piano
    Paraphrases de Tango                                                                             2013
    Geheimnis / Fuer Ada                                                                            2013

- Stage Music
    Twelve Pieces for Goethe's "Faust" (for soloists, choir and orchestra)  2015

All audio excerpts and score previews are under the copyright of the publisher and the composer. 
Copying and publishing without their permission is illegal.

Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag 
 Melscher Straße 1
 04299 Leipzig


Orchestras and Ensembles: 

   Thueringen Symphoniky Orchestra Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
   Orchestra of the RNCM Manchester
   Loh Orchestra Sondershausen
   Thueringen Philharmonic Gotha-Suhl
   Filderharmonie / Orchestra of Ostfildern
   Chamber Orchestra of the HMT Leipzig
   Ensemble "Music and Present"
   Neustadt Stiftskantorei
   Ravel Ensemble of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra
   Diaphonia Quintet
   Holznutscher Trio
   Verlaine Duo


   Roland Böer
   Oliver Weder
   Daniel Huppert
   Markus L. Frank
   Ulrich Loschky
   Alexander Burda

Soloists, Chamber Music Interpreters: 

   Martin Bewersdorff (clarinet)
   Paul Jakob Fricke (cello)
   Jacopo Francini (cello)
   Klaus Nerdinger (violin)
   Jelena Nerdinger (violin)
   Winnie Finke (violin)
   Sima Tirov (violin)
   Florian Heinisch (piano)
   Espen Melb
ø (organ)
   Simon Reichert (organ)
   Matthias Wamser (organ)

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