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Porträt in der Tageszeitung "DIE RHEINPFALZ" (10. 1. 2018, Holger Pöschl)
PORTRAIT in the newspaper "DIE RHEINPFALZ" (2018/01/10, Holger Poeschl)


NEL FIUME ETERNO per clarinetto di bassetto e quartetto d'archi / World Premiere 24. 4. 2016

           "rohrblatt - The magazine for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone", June 2016 (Harald Fricke)
               "Schweck & Seggelke celebrated their 20th jubilee"        

              "The evening brought with the Ravel Ensemble and the very inspired playing soloist Martin Bewersdorff
                (all players are members of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra) the climax of this wonderful sound workshop.
                [...] The next half hour was dedicated for the world premiere of a quintet by Hannes Pohlit, who has composed
                this work for the basset clarinet, which has in the low register four half tones more. The special possibilities
                of the instrument were used by the composer in various ways; he leaded also the clarinet in the high register
                into snow-covered regions." 

FAUST_EINS (A Music-Theatre-Stageplay, J. W. Goethe: Faust - The tragedy's First Part) / 7. 2. 2015

           "Freies Wort", 13. 2. 2015 (Frauke Adrians)
               "Soundtrack for heaven and hell        

              "Its tempo and extraordinarity receives Rudolstadt's "Faust" from its music [...], in the first line from the 
               colourful Pohlit-compositions."  

"Sachsen-Sonntag", 14. 9. 2014 (Jens Wagner)


"Leipziger Volkszeitung" newspaper, 28. 7. 2014 (Lisa Berins)

PIANO RECITAL "HANNES POHLIT" in the Hassloch Cultural Centre (Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Carl Tausig, Hannes Pohlit) / 26. 10. 2013 

"DIE RHEINPFALZ" Newspaper, 29. 10. 2013 (Andrea Doelle)

"The 'Isolde's Love Death' at the last part of the concert was so dramatic, that caught the audience's breath. (...) 
The applause in the very well attendet concert was long and enthusiastic. Hannes Pohlit had to give two encores,
until the audience let him go."


PIANO RECITAL "O SINK HERNIEDER, NACHT DER LIEBE" (Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Carl Tausig) / 28. 9. 2013, Leinsweiler Music Festival

"DIE RHEINPFALZ" Newspaper, 02. 10. 2013 (Margot Wambsganß)
"COLOUR, GLAMOUR, CONTOUR / Hannes Pohlit at the Music Week in Leinsweiler"

"Franz Liszt is known as a piano virtuoso with a sense "show-effect", and there are no fewer pianist following that
trail today - but not  Hannes Pohlit. This rather unboastful artist does not depend on superficial effect. His nimble
fingers connect solid virtuosity with the elegance of Chopin and brillancy of Czerny. He shows up as a subtle designer,
who appreciates every sound, and gives it colour, glamour and contour. That is how he obtains his interpretation a
personal, individual style which is convincing, and also the spiritual cosmos illuminated behind the notes.
As a pianist with nobel style, he presented himself as the transfigured, almost weightless
arrangements from
"Tristan und Isolde" by Carl Tausig and the monumental final scene in the arrangement by Liszt. (…)"



"Ostthueringer Zeitung" Newspaper, 24. 01. 2011 (Hans Lehmann)

"Liturgical tone poem with impressive effect"



"NACHTSTUECK" for orchestra / Concert "Young Composers" of the Thuringen Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha-Suhl
        (Hannes Pohlit as a conductor and as a composer)

"Thueringer Allgemeine Zeitung" Newspaper, 08. 01. 2009 (Horst Groener)


"Hannes Pohlit, 32 years old and not only a composer, but also a prudent and concentrated conductor of this 
concert, contributed a "Night Piece for Chamber  Orchestra" in which this version was first performed. 
The characteristics of an exciting – experienced – nocturnal mood, wonderfully implemented in sounds, 
were the hallmarks of this most impressive first-heard piece."




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