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Hannes Pohlit

PARAPHRASES DE TANGO                                          
sur des mélodies de Carlos Gardel 
pour piano

- dedicées à ma chère Ada - 

Premier Livre

    N° 1. Paraphrase de concert sur "Mi Buenos Aires Querido"
    N° 2. Fantaisie sur la mélodie "El Día que me quieras"

    N° 3. Solitude

    N° 4. Grande Valse-Fantaisie

Deuxième Livre
    N° 5. Paraphrase de concert sur "Por una Cabeza"
    N° 6. Paraphrase de concert sur "Volvio una noche"
    N° 7. Grande Fantaisie de bravoure sur la mélodie "Recuerdo malevo"
Troisième Livre

    N° 8. Fantaisie sur la mélodie "Sus ojos se cerraron"
    N° 9. Le Retour
    N° 10. Paraphrase de concert sur "Amargura"
    N° 11. Paraphrase de concert sur "Custa abajo"
    N° 12. Paraphrase de concert sur "Arrabal Amargo"



Duration of the whole cycle: approx. 80 minutes

World Premiere of several titles: Leipzig 2013 and 2014, Haßloch 2013 (Hannes Pohlit - piano)


The twelve pieces of this collection continue the romantical tradition of the virtuoso piano 
paraphrase, which received its peak during the 19th century due to Franz Liszt’s (1811-1886) 
paraphrases, opera fantasies and bravour pieces. As a doubled hommage, they combine the 
chromatic melodic of Tango-master Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) and the brilliant piano style 
of Franz Liszt. 

"Like the contours of a picture, fading in the course of 
       time, the laconical form and clear rhythmic structure of 
       the classical Tango appear in many of these pieces in a 
       transfigured lyrical way: transmitted in the atmosphere 
       of the past musical salon, of which they do not originate 
       in reality, but to which sensitive pianists and ambitioned 
       amateurs can lead them."

       (Hannes Pohlit)

Publisher for all countries: Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag (Leipzig)

Score Previews:
© 2009-2015 by Hannes Pohlit