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March 2022: 
TANGO CONCERTO for piano and orchestra

As a commission by the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra (Artistic Director: Wolfgang Rögner),
Hannes Pohlit will compose a piano concerto which will be performed in the festival week 
to the orchestra's 80th anniversary in August 2023, presenting the composer himself on the  
piano (26. 08. 2023) as well as the world-renowned, Australia-based pianist Andreas 
Boyde as the soloist (25. 08. 2023).

January 2022: 
Visiting professor for piano at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello Venezia:
Masterclass and Recital in the Sala Concerti


November 2021: CD-release:


Hannes Pohlit - Piano - plays Henze, Enescu and Liszt

September 2021:

in preparation to be released in december 2021:  

CD on querstand records  

May 2021:

New edition of 
(Two nocturnes for piano trio, 2014) 
Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher, Leipzig
FH 3557
ISMN: 9790203435570


January 2021:

CD recordings for the label QUERSTAND at the Bluethner Model Nr. 2 in the
Media Campus Leipzig: 
Hans Werner Henze - Lucy Escott Variations
George Enescu - Sonata No. 1
Franz Liszt / arr. Ferruccio Busoni - Fantasy and Fugue on the choral 
                                                           "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam"
as well as: 
Hannes Pohlit - Paraphrases de Tango sur des mélodies de Carlos Gardel 

August 2020: 

preparing the CD productions of
- Hannes Pohlit, Paraphrases de Tango Nos. 1 - 12 and
- George Enescu, Sonata No. 1 & Liszt-Busoni, Fantasia and Fugue 
  on the choral "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam"
(release date: January 2021) 

June 2020

Three "Stay home" - Videos:

April 2020

Three "Stay home" - Videos:

August 2019 

With two famous organists who will perform Hannes Pohlit's new Organ Symphonies: 
Denny Ph. Wilke and Nathan J. Laube.

July 2019


Broadcast-Portrait in the South-West-Broadcast: "SWR 2 - Meeting Point Classic extra" 
(Moderation: Dr. Burkhard Egdorf)

February 2019

Hannes Pohlit played a recital as the opening concert of the Bluethner Master Series on 
24th February in the sold-out White House Markkleeberg. He performed works by Hans 
Werner Henze (Lucy Escott Variations), George Enescu (1st Piano Sonata) and Franz 
Liszt/Ferruccio Busoni (Fantasia and Fugue on the choral "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam"

Currently Hannes Pohlit composes a new work for organ which will be performed by the 
famous American organist Nathan J. Laube in 2020. 


January 2019

As the edition of the month, Humanité (Sacred Concerto for violin and organ) has appeared in the Friedrich
Hofmeister Music Publisher, Leipzig.
Ordering Number: FH 3429
ISMN: 9790203434290

September 2018

Chamber Concert in the Rokoko Hall of Castle Heidecksburg  
with members of the Thueringen Symphony Orchestra Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and Rodin Moldovan
(Solo Cellist of the MDR Symphony Orchestra Leipzig) / piano and moderation: Hannes Pohlit
piano quartets of Gustav Mahler and Gabriel Fauré.  

August 2018

World Premiere of HUMANITÉ / Sacred Concerto for violin and organ, with Stefan 
Arzberger (violin) and Simon Reichert (organ) at the church St. Nikolai in Leipzig 
(with its 104 register - Ladegast-Eule-organ). 
The World Premiere was the Opening Concert of the Leizpig OrgelHerbst (Organ 
Autumn) 2018. The score of HUMANITÉ will be available in the Friedrich Hofmeister 
Music Publisher in December 2018. 


Portrait in "Die Rheinpfalz", January 2018 

TV Interview MDR (Middle German Broadcast) in 
occasion of the premiere of "Faust I" in Rudolstadt

Portrait in "SachsenSonntag", September 2014

Review on the "Paraphrases de Tango" in "Piano News", 2014

Portrait in "Leipziger Volkszeitung", July 2014

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