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September 2018

Chamber Concert in the Rokoko Hall of Castle Heidecksburg  
(with Sima Tirov - violin, Ekaterina Tolpygo - viola und Rodin Moldovan - cello):
piano quartets of Gustav Mahler and Gabriel Fauré.  

August 2018

World Premiere of HUMANITÉ / Sacred Concerto for violin and organ, with Maestro Stefan Arzberger (violin) und
Maestro Simon Reichert (organ) at the church St. Nikolai in Leipzig (with its 104 register - Ladegast-Eule-organ). 
The World Premiere was the Opening Concert of the Leizpig OrgelHerbst (organ autumn) 2018. The score of
HUMANITÉ will be available in the Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher in December 2018. 

August 2017

The composer at the organ: Pre-Rehearsal for the newSacred Concert for violin and organ 
"Humanité" (in occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation) at the Ladegast-Orgel
in Naunhof. The World Premiere of the new work will be in March 2018 on the Norwegian 
Festival of Church Music in Oslo.

June 2017

Castle Night on Hubertusburg Castle (Saxony), 10th June 2017:
Romantic Music at the historical Steinway Grand Piano in the "Versailles of Saxony".


May 2017

Bluethner Classics Markkleeberg (White House), 28th May 2017:
Piano Recital with works of Liszt,  Liszt-Wagner and Hannes Pohlit in 
the sold-out Mirror Hall at the white Bluethner Grand Piano.

April/May 2017

Hannes Pohlit will play a recital in the famous
in the White House Markkleeberg in May 2017 with works by Franz Liszt,
Liszt-Wagner and Hannes Pohlit (Paraphrases de Tango).

February 2017

Demo-recordings for the Verlaine-Duo with Sima Tirov

November 2016

Hannes Pohlit conducts a concert of the Thueringen Symphony Orchestra
Saalfeld-Rudolstadt with works of young composers (5. 11. 2016).

September 2016

The study score of IL VENTO is now published by the Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher
and can be ordered in music shops and from the publisher.
Ordering Number: FH 8033
ISMN: 9790203480334

Juli 2016

Piano recital with works of Franz Liszt

April 2016

World Premiere of
per Clarinetto di bassetto e quartetto d'archi

H. P. with the Ravel-Ensemble (Soloists of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra):
Seulki Ha (Viola), Markus Beul (Cello), Joowon Park (Violin II), Martin Bewersdorff 
(Basset Clarinet), Shinkyung Kim (Violin I)

February 2016

New work for Basset clarinet and string quartet:
per Clarinetto di bassetto e quartetto d'archi

World premiere: 23rd April 2016, Bamberg

Martin Bewersdorff, Basset Clarinet and the Ravel-Ensemble (Dortmund)

September 2015

10. August 2015

February 2015
Premiere of FAUST_EINS (J. W. Goethe, Faust - The Tragedy's First Part)
with the stage music for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra by Hannes Pohlit
at the Thueringen State Theatre Rudolstadt with the Thueringen Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Maestro Oliver Weder.
Interview with Hannes Pohlit in the Middle German Broadcast Television (MDR) 
(2nd February 2015).

Oktober 2014
Preparing the edition of IL VENTO: The score will be published by the Friedrich Hofmeister 
Music Publisher in november 2014. 

Review about his activities as a composer in residence at the festival "Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte" 
in Montepulciano/Tuscany (World Premiere of "Il Vento" for large orchestra, "A-d-a" for string trio 
and "Les cloches" for piano trio)

Hannes Pohlit receives a composition commission by the Theatre of Rudolstadt/Thuringia for the 
New-Staging of J. W. Goethe's "Faust - The tragedy's First Part" with choir and orchestra. The 
commission includes the new-composing of famous songs and choir scenes of the play. Under the
direction of Steffen Mensching and the musical leading of Oliver Weder play the ensemble of the 
Theatre Rudolstadt and the Thuringia Symphony Saalfeld-Rudolstadt. The premiere will be in 
February 2015.

Portrait in the "Leipziger Volkszeitung" newspaper:

2014/July and August
Hannes Pohlit will be a invited composer of the famous "Cantiere Internazionale 
d'Arte" at Montepulciano/Tuscany which was founded by Hans Werner Henze in 1976.  As 
composing commission and as the main world premiere of the Cantiere, the sinfonietta "Il Vento"
("The Wind") will be performed in the 2nd Symphony Concert on 30th July. 
In the chamber concert "Affrontare Henze" on 31th July will be the world premiere of his piano
trio "Les Lumières de la nuit" and of his string trio "A-d-a". 

Read the introduction essay of the composer for the "Affrontare Henze" concert:

"It is a honour for me, to present my music in one concert together with the music of Hans Werner Henze, 
who I admire the most among all composers. His music is for me a role model and the artistic scale. 
Through the study of his scores I have learnt the essence for my own composing technic. Despite all the 
cultural pessimism of our time is Henze’s musical œuvre the proof, that beauty and passion in music not 
only belong to past times, but can have got furthermore their contemporary musical language, which 
covers topics, ideas and the (often complicate) feelings of the modern human. I am sure that the music 
history will put him in the first rank as the outstanding master of the 20th century and that his importance 
for the development of tonality in the next decades will be greatly recognized in the music science.
He was also a man with a great idea of humanity and his life is a great example of courage and generosity. 
Henze has rescued the music: He has created a bridge between the music of the 19th century and the music 
of the 20th century. Because of him there is no more “break” or “limitation” between “music” and “modern 
music”, because of him there exists a direct line from Wagner to our time. I believe therefore, that my own 
music builds up on Henze’s harmonic. Because I do not compose with the twelve-tone technique, I understand 
music as inside of a complex-extended tonality, within there are different colour-differentiated layers and 
which can – as a mesh of fine nerves – let sound all expression values of the human soul."   

The first volume of Paraphrases de Tango is now available in the
Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher


       "Like the contours of a picture, fading in the course of 
       time, the laconical form and clear rhythmic structure of 
       the classical Tango appear in many of these pieces in a 
       transfigured lyrical way: transmitted in the atmosphere 
       of the past musical salon, of which they do not originate 
       in reality, but to which sensitive pianists and ambitioned 
       amateurs can lead them."

       (Hannes Pohlit)


The twelve pieces of this collection continue the romantical tradition of the virtuoso piano 
paraphrase, which received its peak during the 19th century due to Franz Liszt’s (1811-1886) 
paraphrases, opera fantasies and bravour pieces. As a doubled hommage, they combine the 
chromatic melodic of Tango-master Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) and the brilliant piano style 
of Franz Liszt. 

The composer presented his work at the Leipzig Book Fair in a well-frequented show by the 
Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher.


More informations about the work and short audio exerpts you can find here.

Hannes Pohlit receives a composition commission for a new work for symphony orchestra by the festival  
Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano.  
The premiere will be performed in july 2014 in the 2nd symphony concert of the famous festival by the 
symphony orchestra of the Royal Northern College of Music Manchester under the direction of Maestro 
Roland Böer. 

2013/September and October
Hannes Pohlit performs three solo recitals with piano works of Richard Wagner und Franz Liszt.

2013, June
Hannes Pohlit plays the world premiere of three pieces from his "Paraphrases de Tango" in the 
Bluethner charity concert at the Handelsboerse Leipzig


2013, May
Begin of the collaboration with the Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher, Leipzig. 
Most of Hannes Pohlit's works will be published by the well-known publisher. 

2011, November
Hannes Pohlit conducts a concert with chamber orchestra of the University of Music Leipzig with works of 
Franz Schreker (Five songs for contralto voice), Hugo Wolf, Franz Liszt (in occasion of List's 200th anniverary
the premiere of Hannes Pohlit's Orchestration of "Via crucis") and the world premiere of "Contemplations" for 
Solo Cello and chamber orchestra.        

2011, January
World premiere of Hannes Pohlit's orchestral paraphrase "La Chapelle de François Liszt" 
(commissioned by the Thuringen Symphony Orchestra in occasion of the "Franz Liszt year 2011") 




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