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SWR 2 Broadcast "Meeting Point Classic extra" / 
guest: Hannes Pohlit (moderator: Dr. Burkhard Egdorf) 
[in German]

Radio-portrait (July 2020) with excerpts from Hannes Pohlit's 

   Sonatina for violin and piano
   Il Vento (Orchestra of the NRCM Manchester, conductor: Roland Böer)
   Nel Fiume eterno (Ravel-Ensemble of the Dortmund Philharmonic, 
                                Martin Bewersdorff - Basset clarinet)

   Twelve Pieces to Goethe's "Faust" (Thueringen Symphonic Orchestra)
   Humanité (Stefan Arzberger - violin, Simon Reichert - organ)

composer in residence at the 39th Cantiere of Montepulciano

Nel Fiume eterno (2015/16): "Ondina" 

Il Vento (2013/14)

complete (video):

excerpts (only audio):

I. Zefiro

II. Consolazione

III. Notte di tempesta

Paraphrases de Tango: 

N° 2. Fantaisie sur la mélodie "El Día que me quieras"

N° 3. Solitude

Contemplations (2011): "Nature morte" (excerpts)

Sextet for Strings (2009/2010): "Dreams"

Find more videos in Hannes' youtube channel



Busoni: Preludio op. 37 No. 1
Recording: August 2020

: Bénédiction de Dieu dans la Solitude (Climax)

Recording: April 2020

Enescu: Sonata No. 1 / 1st mouvement (excerpts)
Recording: May 2020

Rachmaninoff: Cadenza from Piano Concerto No. 1
Recording: May 2020

: Mélodie in E major op. 3/3
Recording: April 2020

Rachmaninoff: Andante cantabile b minor op. 16/3
Recording: April 2020

Liszt: Les jeux d'Eau à la villa d'Este
Juli 2016

Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No. 1
August 2015

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