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Photo: Hannes Pohlit at the rehearsal for "Il Vento" at the 39th Cantiere (Montepulciano, July 2014)

As a composer, pianist and conductor, Hannes Pohlit ist one of the most versatile musicians in his generation. 
Born in Heidelberg/Germany and grown up in the Rhineland-Palatinate, he wrote his first compositions at the age of 14 years. 
A symphonic work he wrote at the age of 16 years was awarded with the Promoting Award of the German Composers Society. 
He studied composition with Róbert Wittinger and - as a junior student at the University of Music in Frankfurt - with Hans 
Zender. After one year of studies at the University of Music in Munich, he decided to study orchestral conducting at Leipzig 
and stopped composing for 10 years. From 1998 until 2003 he studied conducting at the University of Music "Felix Mendels-
sohn Bartholdy" Leipizg with Gert Bahner and Christian Kluttig and continued his studies at the University of Music "Franz 
Liszt" Weimar with Gunter Kahlert (Concert exam). From 2003 until 2006 he worked as a music coach at the Erfurt Opera. 
From 2006 until 2010 he was the artistic director of the ensemble leipzig 21, a chamber orchestra for contemporary music 
and led concerts with several orchestras like the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, the Thueringen Philharmonic Orchestra 
Gotha-Suhl and the Nordhausen Opera as well as in a various of festivals for contemporary music. As a pianist, Hannes Pohlit 
performed solo recitals in different cities in Germany. The press wrote about him: "His nimble fingers connect solid virtuosity 
with the elegance of Chopin and brillancy of Czerny" ("Die Rheinpfalz, October 2013).
From 2006 until 2010 he studied composition and music theory at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig with Reinhard 
Pfundt (Master Degree "of honour"). Since 2007 he has composed a various of works for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles
and for piano. He received composition commissions from the Thueringen Symphony Orchestra Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, the 
Thueringen State Theatre, the Kuenstlerhaus Edenkoben and from the legendary music festival "Cantiere" at Montepulciano (Italy),
which was founded by Hans Werner Henze. In July 2014 he was the composer in residence of the 39th Cantiere. His works, such
as 'Il Vento' for large orchestra, 'Sextet for Strings' (2009/10), 'La Chapelle de
François Liszt' for orchestra (2010) and 'Contemplations' 
for solo-cello and chamber orchestra (2011), are published by the Friedrich Hofmeister Music Publisher. From 2010 till 2015 he was
a lecturer for music theory at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig. Since 2015 he is the head of the department of music
theory at the Ming Cheng Academy Leipizg. 
In November 2016 he conducted for the first time the Thueringen Symphony Orchestra Saalfeld-Rudolstadt in the concert with
works of young composers. From October 2017 on Hannes Pohlit is a docent for score playing at the institute for conducting of 
the University of Music "Franz Liszt" Weimar. 

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